Classes - $180

Introduction to tricks (ONLINE CLASS ONLY)
Prerequisite: RBF or equivalent obedience class or permission of instructor
One hour Zoom call once a week for 6 weeks

Trick training is a great way to give your dog mental stimulation, build focus and deepen your relationship with your dog while teaching behaviors that can be a foundation for other sports and activities. We will teach you how use free-shaping, luring, capturing and targeting to get your dog to learn fun and even useful behaviors. There will be special emphasis on encouraging dogs to creatively offer behaviors that can be rewarded and shaped into amazing tricks. Prepare for AKC Trick Titles!

Prerequisite: APRB, RBF or equivalent obedience class or permission of instructor

All dogs are REQUIRED to have taken a group obedience class prior to taking Outdoor Agility Games. Participating dogs must have a solid sit, down, stay, and come behavior. If you haven’t taken Relationship Building Fundamentals, please email Beth Grooms to set up a free evaluation for permission to enroll.

This class is appropriate for dogs who are comfortable in proximity to other dogs. During this class 4-5 dogs will be out working at one time (they will be on leash most of that time but not always).

Using agility equipment as tools, we will play games that present your dog with physical and mental challenges. This is a fun way to exercise and stimulate your dog. Recall games will be incorporated weekly.

Students must bring a crate (this is NOT optional). Dogs will spend part of the class playing and part of the class resting in their crates. This teaches them to play intensely and then calm down. This class is held outdoors, so please dress appropriately for the weather. See our inclement weather policy at the bottom of this page.

This class is intended to be repeated until dogs are ready to move on to an introductory agility class.


If this class is FULL, let us know you want to join – we can add another class once we have enough folks on the waitlist. (

Minimum age: 9 months
Prerequisite: Basic obedience including understanding of sit, down, stay, and come. Prior participation in Outdoor Agility Games 1 and 2. 

Learn and practice agility foundation skills, obstacles, and handling techniques. The emphasis is on having fun together and developing teamwork with your dog. This class is appropriate for dogs who are comfortable in proximity to other dogs. Many exercises will entail one dog working off-leash at a time while other dogs wait their turn on-leash nearby.

This class is intended to be repeated until dogs are ready to sequence short courses.


Prerequisite: Agility Fundamentals or permission of instructor

This class is designed for students interested in progressing their basic agility skills to include 2-on-2-off contact skills, weaves, teeter, and intermediate handling. We start with the basics and build a solid foundation. From there, we advance at the dog/handler’s pace building skill and enthusiasm as we go. Teams will progress at different rates. The goal is to have fun while developing proficiency at the sport to allow competition if desired.

Prerequisite: Proficient on all obstacles except weaves and teeter.

This class is for the Intermediate agility student. It will focus on teaching handlers the most efficient lines and crosses. Dogs should be ready to start short sequences of all obstacles. Weaves and teeter will also be worked on separately.

Prerequisite: Novice Agility Sequencing & Handling Skills (or equivalent) or permission of the instructor

This fun and challenging agility class features courses and sequences at the advanced level, and higher, with emphasis on independent obstacle performance, turns and crosses, and obstacle/handler focus work.

Crate use is encouraged. One dog works on the field at a time and dogs must be crated or kept in the car until their turn. This class is held outdoors, so please dress appropriately for the weather. See our inclement weather policy at the bottom of this page.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor, Liz Turpin, or Beth Grooms

This class will focus on agility basics. The key DIFFERENCE from our other agility classes is that dogs work ONE AT A TIME in the ring. This allows dogs that have dog reactivity to play agility with us.

This class teaches the basics but can also progress students until they are sequencing full courses.

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Cancellation, Withdrawal, & Refund Policy

Enrollment in our classes and seminars is limited and your participation is important to us. Once you have registered, we are counting on you to attend. If WDI cancels a class, you will receive a full refund. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

A student wishing to withdraw from a class that has not been cancelled by WDI must provide a written request at least one week before the scheduled start of the class. We will offer a full refund minus a $20 administrative processing fee per student per class. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. Within the week prior to the start of a class or after the class has begun, refunds will not be given. In the case of verified medical/hardships a credit may be given.

Any credit you receive from WDI will be valid for one year from the date you notify us and must be used by someone on the same account as the original student. WDI will not extend credit for occasional missed classes due to illness or other circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: WDI will not refund class fees if the student/dog is asked to withdraw from the class due to behavior of the dog. We are happy to evaluate a dog (at no charge) prior to registration to determine if the dog can handle the classroom environment.

If a student misses a class and wishes to attend a make-up, one will be offered at the instructor’s discretion. The cost will be 50% the cost of a private lesson. Generally, a make-up lesson will be half the time of a normal class session (e.g., 30-minute make-up time for one missed hour long class).

Outdoor classes will be held in all weather conditions except in unsafe weather conditions as determined by the instructor (e.g., thunder and lightening). Indoor classes will be held unless road conditions are dangerous. Students will be notified via email one to two hours before the start of class, if classes will be cancelled. Please email or call your instructor if you are unsure if class will be held.

If unable to hold a class due to weather (or other unforeseen circumstances), a make-up class will be scheduled. Make-up classes will be offered during the two-week break between regularly scheduled sessions. Every effort will be made to hold the make-up class on the same day and time as the original class, however, if weather or other circumstances preclude the instructor from holding class on that day and time, the class will be scheduled for another day and time.

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