Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg Seminar

The Conversation of Teamwork

Dana Zinn and Sue Sternberg


LOCATION: Northwest District Park, 2413 Woody Store Rd, Siler City, NC 27344

DATES: Sat April 13 and Sun April 14, 2019

TIME: 9 am to 4 pm

Cost $150 to Audit both days


Throughout this two day workshop, Nosework participants—auditors and working teams both—will learn about what their own movements, paths, speed and orientation are saying to the dog, and about what the dog is saying to the handler, with his movement, path, speed and orientation.


Sue will, through analysis of videos submitted by auditors and footage from other sports, help handlers understand what they are deliberately or inadvertently communicating to their dogs. Dana will, through lecture and coaching of working teams, help handlers better understand what their dogs are asking for and telling them, and then offer concrete ways to respond.


Attendees will come away with a skill set of handling choices to make and when to use them, so that teams can move fluidly and consistently, and remove the differences that often occur when the handler knows where the hides are in practice versus running blind in a trial.


Auditors will submit a trial video for review during the workshop.


If you would like a working spot (one day only to allow maximum participation), please email sue@wholedoginstitute.com for an application form. Deadline for application is Feb 15, 2019. Working spots will be selected from the application pool and everyone will be notified by Feb 28, 2019. Payment for a working spot will be an additional $150 and will be due within 72-hours of notification.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations in writing will be refunded minus $20 admin fee until March 11th. After 3/11/19, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON.


Questions? Contact sue@wholedoginstitute.com