K9 Nose Work®

K9 Nose Work® is a great activity for ALL dogs. Benefits include:

  • productive energy drain for puppies and active dogs
  • safe activity for dogs rehabilitating from injuries
  • safe activity for blind dogs
  • productive outlet for reactive dogs
  • fun activity for veteran dogs (ages 7+)
  • fun activity for humans of all ages and abilities

What I LOVE about nose work......

  • the dogs are the teachers – we aren’t training them to do anything they don’t already know how to do!
  • humans learn to observe animal behavior in much greater detail
  • dogs are allowed to pursue their natural talent at sniffing which balances them emotionally and mentally (great therapy for dogs!)
  • it helps build confidence in anxious dogs
  • it gives reactive dogs a place to have fun

Watch the videos below to learn more!

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K9 Nose Work® Overview

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