Ring rental

NOTE: If you rent Ring 2 for practice, you will receive the gate code in your reservation confirmation. All rings are locked when not in use. 

As our rings are becoming more popular and people want to rent them, we have put some guidelines in place to make usage fair and to maintain the integrity of the equipment.

Only one person will be allowed to reserve the ring at a time, and only Rings #2 and #3 (the rings behind the first ring on the left) will be rented to the general public. There are no rentals to non-WDI instructors without explicit permission from Beth Grooms.

Dog being run is in a Games Class. One of the following prerequisites must be met to rent Ring #2 (agility ring) and use the equipment:

  • Dog being run has earned a leg in agility competition
  • Handler running dog has titled a dog in agility
  • Permission of Beth Grooms

To rent Ring #3 for obedience or other purposes, the dog being run must be in class with a WDI instructor or have permission from Beth Grooms.

Single use fee

$15/30 minutes/first person

$8/30 minutes/each additional person

Ring Pass


The Ring Pass is for currently enrolled students ONLY.

All renters will be held accountable to these rules.

  1. Park in front of Ring #2 or #3. If it gets too wet, park closer to Ring #2. We have had people get stuck in the field after rain, so please use good sense.
  2. Do NOT tie your dog to the fence. The fence is not cemented in the ground so can easily be pulled over. If you have to tie your dog, tie to the metal gate posts (NOT the gate itself) as they are cemented in.
  3. The only equipment available for use is the equipment in Ring #2. Do NOT remove equipment from Ring #1 to use in Ring #2 without permission. Individuals discovered to be moving equipment will be warned once. Rental privileges may be revoked if this is done more than once.
  4. Damage to equipment or fencing. Please notify Beth Grooms immediately if any damage is sustained. We do not charge for damages, but need to know about them so we can make necessary repairs in a timely manner. If we are NOT notified of damages, we will contact all renters and interview you to ascertain when the damage was incurred.
  5. The dog walk and Aframe are NOT to be moved. If you would like the equipment in a different location, please let WDI know at least 24 hours in advance so we can move it for (or with) you if needed.
  6. Please store tunnel(s) after usage by compressing the tunnel and standing it on end.
  7. Place unused jump poles in the bungee rope holders hanging on the fence. There are at least two in each field.

Please note: If we sustain too much damage to equipment during these rental hours, we will revisit these guidelines and make changes by either increasing prices or limiting hours. We hate to do that, but the price of equipment makes caution necessary. We appreciate your understanding.

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